Service Price guide
 * includes pick up and return or fix on site Dumfries area  
Support task (any) up to 1 hour  £30
PC/laptop computer health check  £30
RAM/Memory upgrade - (ram not included)  £20
Virus Removal - (low infection on a fast PC)  £30
Virus Removal - (high infection on a slow PC)  £50

For some virus infections we may be required to carry out a full Windows operating system installation
in order to guarantee that your system is virus free.

Hard drive replacement - (drive not included)  £30
Basic Windows installation  £35
Full Windows installation  £55
Data Backup/Recovery/Transfer  £50

1 hour on site - 
(broadband configurations, printers, wireless etc)

2 hours on site  £55
Basic tuition per hour -
(basic computer usage, such as email, safe browsing, office, Windows 10 etc.)



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